i Folks!

Long story short, I am having some beeping issues.
Recently done on the ski: Supercharger clutch washers replaced @ 140 hours, oil chnage, oil pressure sensor replaced.

The constant beeps goes off everytime I accelerate. Its one long beep, about 2 seconds. Dissapears, and as I keep pushing the throttle, it beeps again every few seconds. Ski runs fine, no limp mode or anything. The gauge is off now as I need to replace the LCD, but the last indication showed was the Oil indicator flashing.

Gauge off the ski, changed the parts, ski runs fine as of this morning. This afternoon beep came back. I have checked battery, oil cooler, oil level, coolant, etc, all seems fine no problems.

Based on research it indicates some sort of overheating. Now during Idle, it also beeps for a long 2 second and within few second intervals.

I dont have the gauge on at the moment so I cant really say. Unable to get a Seafoo dealer to come and scan as it is about 500km away and would cost very much.

Anyone with same experience or have any recommendations for me to check?
if its other sensors, I think the Ski should either limp or not run smoothly.