Yamaha 1200Xl Not getting fuel

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    Yamaha 1200Xl Not getting fuel

    Hello All. Trying to get at the carbs... DANG!! I suppose I need to pull the exhaust even to see under there. Looks like a lot of work for sure. Is there a prescribed method for getting in there?? I can't get the pipe that is over the carbs out of the way unless I remove bolts on the other side of the engine an allow it all to more forward. Taht's what it looks like to me anyway. I bought the manual but it doesn't say how to do the job, at least, I haven't found that part yet. I am also getting a warning light and a beep.

    So... I'm getting fire, engine turning over well, Is there a fuel valve that could be preventing fuel ?? This is my first Yamaha so.... I'm treading lightly. I have 2 SeaDoos and they are completely different.

    Help would be much appreciated.
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    Re: Yamaha 1200Xl Not getting fuel

    Pull the line off the left side of the fuel filter while cranking it and see if you feel a small amount of suction. If you do get a squeeze bottle and fill the line with fuel or premix to prime it. You'll see it start sucking fuel then.
    To get to the carbs you need to pull both exhaust pipes unfortunately.

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