550 SX Fuel Selector

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    550 SX Fuel Selector

    Fuel selector on my 550 SX just broke.
    It is all corroded around the base of the shaft and was really tight. I put some Marine 66 on it and let it sit for a day or two. Then with the plastic piece taken off I rotated it around form ON to OFF and as I got towards RES the shaft snapped where the screw goes in to hold on the knob.
    I'm not to phased because I was either going to delete the whole thing or replace the fuel selector entirely with a good condition one ideally that hasn't seen salt.
    Question - Do people delete the switch or is it a good idea to run the switch? I have read some posts on the forums where the switch over time gets worn out and causes a lean mixture leading to all sorts of trouble.
    The four bolts that hold the fuel panel on are also corroded to hell so I am worried about taking them off. I do want to replace them with some nice stainless ones so it looks tidy.

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    Re: 550 SX Fuel Selector

    Depends on how you ride really. I ride a fairly long lake, so appreciate reserve occasionally to ride back. That said, deleting is one less leak point.

    From memory, I replaced my last one with a late '90 750 sit down selector. The 550 takes a fairly long selector.

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