Iíve got a 2003 GTX 4-tec NA 155. This past weekend it started pumping oil into the coolant circuit. It ended up in the coolant overflow tank which then puked out a mixture of oil and coolant into my bilge. I caught the problem very early and shut the ski down. I donít think I hurt anything. It will start right up and seems happy.

I also pulled out the oil filter and looked in the oil filter cavity. There does not appear to be any water mixed with the oil. Just oil mixed with the water/coolant. That kind of makes sense to me. Iím sure the oil pressure runs much higher than the water pressure. It seems like thatís the direction the fluids would go. From the higher pressure side to the lower pressure side.

Iíve seen a handful of threads about this issue across several different boards and everybody suggests either the head gasket, oil cooler or water pump seals. The problem is, nobody ever replied back to any of those threads saying that they actually fixed the problem. I did stumble across a few threads were people said they replaced all of those items and the problem still persisted.

So , my question is, has anybody ever actually had this problem and discovered the cause and fixed it?