attempt at a 2001 Kawasaki 900STX leak repair

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    Exclamation attempt at a 2001 Kawasaki 900STX leak repair

    Hey everyone-

    I have a 2001 Kawasaki 900 STX that's taking on water near the drive shaft. I had the jet ski at a neighbor hood shop where they kept it for a month. They put in a new drive shaft and sealed and resealed but it still leaks. I got it back and started peeling off the rubberized seal that they had applied. I found what I believe to be the issue and I am considering taking care of most of it myself...but I'm looking for some confirmation. I believe the problem exists under the electronic/starter panel. When you take that off, there's a small box-shaped fiberglass cavity which allows for limited access to where the drive shaft exits out the hull. There's a piece of fiberglass which connects

    I"m thinking that the drive shaft needs to be pulled out which means that the motor must be pulled too. I am not qualified to pull the engine but I found a car mechanic who believes he can pull it with the help of a cherry picker. I'm thinking I'll hire him to pull the engine and shaft and give me a few days to make the repair. From there, I'll remove the rubber hose and aluminum pipe that protects the shaft and attaches to the fiberglass. I will have to carefully clean these parts the best that I can and strip away as much of the factory glue that I can. I'm planning on purchasing some marine-grade epoxy (, or to attach the aluminum to the fiberglass. Then I'm planning on getting some fiberglass and resin to layer on top of the aluminum–spreading onto the fiberglass hull to ensure that the aluminum pipe is sealed and stays put. I'll hire the mechanic again to place the engine and drive shaft back into the jet ski. I'm guessing that placing the engine back in the jet ski may require some new gaskets.

    Here are my concerns:

    • That none of this will work and I'll botch the repair job.
    • That after pulling the engine and shaft, I don't have enough room to make the repair.
    • That removing the engine might place the drive shaft out of alignment and a vibrating shaft will lead to more problems.

    Has anyone made this repair?

    I'm trying to sell both this Kawasaki (advertised that it has a leak) and a 2010 Sea Doo with a double trailer as a package but the interest is only with the Sea Doo + trailer. If this repair is successful I can get a good bit more for the package. Heck, I might keep it!

    Please, any input is appreciated.





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