Superjet wont start after riding (sometimes)

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    Superjet wont start after riding (sometimes)

    I am having a problem with my superjet on the water the last couple of times I have been out. It starts up great on land or on water. Revs just fine and runs great right after it starts up. About 20 minutes into riding, there is some hesitation in the throttle (I can give it full throttle, and it struggles at a lower rpm until it just all of a sudden seems to clear out and run great again, as if it is clearing itself out) and then it wonít restart after it is shut off. Twice it was shut off because of a fall, once was because I let it idle and it just pittered out. I can sit there cranking and cranking, but it doesnít fire. I disconnected the black and white wire connector to see if it was a faulty stop switch, but that didnít make a difference. As I am swimming it back to shore I try the starter every few minutes, and sometimes after around 20 minutes after the problem started it starts right up as if nothing happened, only to have the same problem the next time it shuts off. I have put it on the trailer out of the water, but it still wonít fire up, until it has been sitting for a while.

    I have been told that it problably ingested some water, but there wasnít a ton of water in the hull, and the top of the motor and spark arrestor all appear dry (maybe they are just warm so they are drying off faster?). But if water ingestion is what is happening, it sure happens to me a whole lot more than other skis, including other SN SuperJets that I have been riding around.

    Any ideas? Please Help

    90 Yamaha Superjet
    701 61x motor
    Stock Spark Arrestor
    Factory B Pipe
    Fresh 87 octane ethanol-free fuel with 45:1 oil ratio and fuel stabilizer added
    Stock Hood
    Spark plugs not new, but look like good spark

    Also, unrelated, but my ski like to lean to the right when turned off and just floating. Is that common?
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    Re: Superjet wont start after riding (sometimes)

    The right lean while floating is normal Your exhaust is filling with water causing the lean.

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