Ok, I know what your all going to say (run a single 44) but I'm determined to run dual 38s so that's out the window. Recently purchased a PJS dual manifold for my 650 and just purchased dual 38SBN's that came off a 62T yamaha. Question is what should I do with the jetting, and after that what should I set the mixture screws to for initial tuning. My specs are below.

PJS high compression head 180-190 PSI
Coffman Pipe
Dual resonator waterbox
KN filter
Oh and hydroturf (remember that adds 5hp lol)

simple bolt on stuff...

Seriously need the help, i've been searching all day before I wrote this. I remember Group K did a test on dual 38's vs a single 44, vs dual 44's but I can't remember where that page was and if it had specs on the jetting.