Thought I'd throw this out there for help. I have a 96 SeaDoo SPI. An old clunker but has worked well enough for me to tow the kids around on a tube at the lake. At any rate, last year, at the end of year, i didn't do a good job of winterizing the battery. In fact, I just left it connected all year. I have a deep-cycle battery that you have to load the acid into (not a gel).
This year, when I got the machine in the water, the battery seemed dead. I put a charger on it and brought it up to about 63 percent using the 2Amp trickle. But it wouldn't really get any higher than that. It was suggested to use an 8amp trickle to it, and that pushed it up to 100. I managed to get he machine going at that point, but by the time I was done for after an hour or so, the battery would require a new charge.
Dislcaimer: when i hooked this battery on, it never started right up. Often times it took several minutes of holding the start/stop button down for seconds at a time..until it finally turned over.
I knew I woulnd't be on the mcahine in a few weeks, so I took the battery out before I went home from the lake. I leave the machine floating in the water at the lake. I had the battery on charge at "100%" around 14.4volts, and took it up last night. I hooked it on. The bilge pump powered on, although there was no real water to pump out. When I tried the machine I got zero response. Like no clicking, no nothing. Almost like the button wasn't even working. Over the course of about 10 mintues of trying, one time it kinda clicked a few times but that was it. There's not much for gaugues (just the fuel gauge), but that didn't respond whatsoever. I took the battery out, (walking past a bunch of disappointed kids..haha) and threw it on the charger again for an hour. When I put it on the charger it was down to about 12.3volits, and I brought it up to 14.4 again. I put it back in the machine and this time, again, no response whatsoever. Again, the bilge pump worked, but that's it.

Obviously, I"m pointing fingers at this shoddy battery, but that's about all I can think of. I suppose possibly the starter button mechanism could be faulty. The machine does have new plugs this year. Before I go buy a new battery, I just thought I'd check here with suggestions. I've read on various forums/pages that when the battery is faulty the machine reacts in odd ways, so maybe this is a totally new one (zero response whatsoever).

Any advice is appreciated. Like I said, I'm leaning towards trying a new battery.