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  1. #21 Is My Home Away From Home beerdart's Avatar
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    Re: Never raced but interested in signing up

    Hit me up if you need anything I have the CTWatercraft Trailer. 38167208_10216986204078114_1946041680293527552_o.jpg

  2. #22 Is My Home Away From Home
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    funky town

    Re: Never raced but interested in signing up

    Awesome!!! Thank you. Hopefully see you there.
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    PWCToday Guru
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    Re: Never raced but interested in signing up

    Joined my first race this past weekend in stock class GP5 Ski on my 2016 Superjet.

    Shoei VFX-W and Fox goggles were fine, no issues with fogging or anything. Used a Jettribe back protector.

    Practice session was good, felt comfortable riding the buoys.

    Race time, first start, nerves were high. There was a false start in each Moto, someone jumping the band. I had trouble keeping the front end down right off the line, which kept me at the back of the pack. The water was far rougher than I expected but I held on. I started fading toward the end due to my lower back being really sore. It was 7 laps total.

    It was both more fun and more physically demanding than I expected, and I ride at the lake pretty much every weekend.

    I was definitely limited by physical fitness, but don't consider myself out of shape and am not over-weight. What kind of workout routines are recommended?
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    Attention ***** Is My Home Away From Home JonnyX2's Avatar
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    Re: Never raced but interested in signing up

    Versa climber is a great way to get cardio up. Jumping rope, burpees until failure, and the stairclimber holding heavy weights in each hand are some other good cardio routines. The lower back is something I always had issues with, but stretching extensively before and between motos helps a ton. A 5 hr energy shot about 10 minutes before a moto will keep you from fading. But mostly, throwing out some buoys on a short track and going as hard as you can for as long as you can, especially while following someone faster than you is the best practice there is. Chasing buoys on a calm clean track is fun, but it's not good practice for race day where the chop and spray from other riders separates the men from the boys...I used to chase Steve Fitzen around, just trying to pass. As soon as I'd pass, if I could, I'd get behind him again. He is a big dude and puts up a good wake...I miss that chit!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Firebird A/C&Heating View Post
    OMG.....Rules for 550 vintage ski class...550 ski riders do not conform to any kind of rules. That is why you are riding a 550 ski in the first place. Rules suck....
    PS...the rule book will be in my 550 pump
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    PWCToday Regular konakev's Avatar
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    Re: Never raced but interested in signing up

    Well, im bumping the thread bc i love seeing new racers getting involved. I want to start this next season too. I need to get back on the, covid, and life has made me fat and slow. No better way than to force yourself into exhaustion all while trying to keep from crashing into other racers.

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