Not getting fuel

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    Not getting fuel

    Hey guys,
    I'm kinda stumped with a fuel issue. I just cleaned my carb, reinstalled it, recently put a new head gasket on, cleaned fuel tank, checked baffle and all and now I can't get fuel into the carbs. I hooked a tank of fuel straight to the carb and it ran, but when I reinstall the fuel lines through the baffle, nothing. No fuel is pumping. No fuel even in the fuel filter. Any ideas? As far as I know, all lines are correct. If have "on" from baffle to the carb inlet, reserve to reserve switch, return to "off" switch, vent to vent line. Sounds right?

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    Re: Not getting fuel

    What machine are you working on?

    Originally, your lines from the tank should go to the fuel select. Res to Res on switch, On to On, on switch, and out to the inlet (bottom) fitting on carb. Return (top fitting on carb) goes back to the tank.

    You may want to consult a shop manual for a fuel line diagram.
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