We have a Seadoo jetski that sits on a Shoreport floating dock. The dock has three rollers, two of which are under the keel when it is on the dock. The dock is head on to a seawall. We are on a canal here in Florida. The point of the jetskiski bow is about a foot from the seawall.
Here is the problem.
I am not as young or anywhere as strong as used to be. I stand as far back on the Shoreport as I can and tug and tug to get the ski off the dock. I have checked the rollers for turning and also adjusted them several times to higher positions. I can get some side to side rocking so I know I am not just sitting with fiberglass to dock surface.
I am looking for an idea how to get some mechanical advantage maybe against the sea wall to push the jetski off the dock. One idea was an airjack between the seawall and the bow. I just cannot find something like this. I am sure someone out there has solved this problem.