As my post stated I need some help. I've tried searching but I'm not exactly sure where to start. I bought my SC about a month ago and it has given me trouble from the start. The owner said carb was recently redone, jet pump sealed and the engine is only a couple years old. Everything is stock except for maybe the impeller but he wasn't sure on that.

Took it out and cavitation right away and the more time on the water it filled with water. Turned out the through housing bearing was cracked. Replaced and worked well for about an hour. This time something similar happened but ended up being the rubber exhaust coupler was cracked letting water in. Fixed and runs well out of water. Runs well in water but the idle is too high. If I back off it won't start and floods. Rode it for a while then got my kids and we rode it and wouldn't get on plane until we leaned forward. (1 hour earlier we didn't need to do this). It almost seemed like there was something robbing the power the longer it's in the water. Almost like too much water is in the exhaust. Pulled the ski out and dry in the hull. Quite a bit came out when I ran to get the water out. Hesitated to start at first then shot water out and it ran fine

Please help!