Hey guys just got a 1995 HX that the previous owner had taken the electrical box apart and never got back together. I reconnected everything. It would turn over hard but not start so I checked and no spark. I un-coupled all of the connections and re-connected them by color. It started up great several times but I sealed the box back up and clipped it in and it went back to turning over but not starting. I opened the box back up and after reading the forum unplugged the red/black wire and it started fine (just had to take the plugs off to kill it). Ok so I figured a bad MPEM and ordered a new replacement.

It came in today and I disconnected the old and connected the new and when I went to hook up the battery sparks were jumping and it beeped and tried to turn over. I disconnected it from the solenoid then hooked the battery up and then the solenoid and got no sparks. I thought it was odd but wanted to see what was up. It started up fine but the lanyard post did not kill it. However the stop button did still stop it.

I put the old one back in and at first it would start up and the lanyard would kill it but then it went back to not running. Iím not really sure what to make of it, did I get a bad MPEM that isnít registering the kill switch or did I miswire it? This is my first time working on a seadoo so just looking for some help. Hopefully its something small because I really want to get this on the water!

Ill add some pictures of the new MPEM in the box. I have all of the grounds on the post in the corner.