My first post on PWC today and first time owning a PWC, so please be kind!

Recently purchased two ‘08 VX Deluxes. Ran great on test drive, engines and compartments looked great, great price, pulled the trigger.

After using them for the first full day of fun, left them tied up at my dock. A few hours later popped the seat and saw that water had filled the engine compartment to near the top of the battery. Immediately got the ski on a lift at the dock (moved another boat to do this) and pulled the plugs to drain it. At first I figured the water from was from the day of use, so after draining it and screwing the plugs back in, I put it back in the water. The next morning, had the same issue where both skis had filled up with water to around the top of the battery. Lifted them again, drained, and then drove them to the dock (they started up and were fine running hard for about 20 mins to the boat launch.). Popped the seat out on the water with engine running after about 10 minutes of driving, and the bilge area wasn’t bone dry, but the water was minimal (an inch or less).

Once on the trailer, Went through the normal procedure of freshwater rinse of exterior and engine compartment, and performed freshwater engine flush procedure for three minutes. During the flush, I noticed a lot of water pouring out of the back end of the intake grate plate where it meets the hull. Not sure if this is a hint of the issue or a normal thing. I thought all water would come out the jet nozzle or cooling exhaust ports.

What would the board advise to inspect for identifying the possible source of the leak?