Ok , seems like I struggle with wiring schematics & diode checking and have pulled all my hair out with these old school stand-ups that I simply won't give up.
1989 650SX
I have a working 5 stator ( 38 VAC @ 3000 rpm ) from an unknown year . It's 5 wire harness has 2 Yellows, 1 Black/Red, 1 Black/Yellow and 1 Black. There is no suppliment manual I can find with this wiring diagram.
The system was not charging the battery, and still is not inspite of replacing the rectifier with a new AM wang chung something or another . I have 3 other rectifiers one of which is bad and the other 2 are of unknown status ( good or bad ).

Stator from an 650 spare motor installed a few years ago
2 Yellow.... 12VAC hooked to 2 brown's ( rect )
1 Black / red hooked to CDI
1 Black / yellow hooked to ring connector black/yellow rectifier ground bolt
1 Orange hooked to rectifier ( red )

My wang chung ( new ) 5 wire rectifier unit has the following wire colors.
2 brown ( AC charging )
1 red ( constant 12v from relay's orange wire & 12+ batt cable )
1 red w/ blue tracer ...
1 black

It doesn't matter what way I hook it up I still can't get the system to charge the battery.

The 3 Shinagdin rectifier units I have all have the following
2 yellow
1 orange
2 blacks

All 4 rectifiers pass the kawasaki service manual test procedure up until step ( Test 3 ) when it requires that 2 12v batteries are wired in series and that the " monitoring wire " is touched for a couple seconds with the combined 24 volt test lead.

Question is.... what wire is the monitoring wire ? I have searched the " base " service manual and the suppliments and the entire " internet " for the answer.... so if it is documented somewhere ? Please enlighten me as to where so we can remove all doubt that indeed .... " I AM an IDIOT ".

Any exact help as to how to correct this issue ? Is appreciated. If any further information is necessary that I can provide please ask.... My CDI & Start & Kill switches have the OEM wiring

1 Black/red
1 Black/yellow
1 blue
1 black

White and orange
Black and blue
technically correct per the manual.

Just looking to ease my pain....!