I bought this '95 Wave Venture700 in 2000 and decided it now was time to rebuild the twin carbs. 320 hours on this pwc. I purchased Mikuni OEM rebuild kits and new seats and needles, size 1.5. In testing pop-off, I was well over 45 psi - probably close to 50. Spec, I found on SBT website, is to be 30-40 psi. I reused the old springs and arms.

What is the correct needle/seat size?
Is pop-off of 30-40 correct? This ski must always have been high, since changing the needle and seat with the same 1.5 as was removed shouldn't change things, should it?
Problem prompting the rebuild was very hard starting, though ran well once it warmed up a touch.
Any guidance is greatly appreciated by this new-to-the-rebuild club owner.