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Thread: JS400 Stator

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    JS400 Stator

    Howdy all,

    I am trying to get a neighbors JS400 running. It currently has no spark. I tested the pulser, exciter coils per the manual. The resistance measured was much higher than what the manual spec'd. So I pulled the flywheel to take a look. The coils were all covered in oil. The wires pass through the hole in the engine without a grommet. In fact the P.O. buggered it up with RTV instead. All the pics I have seen of JS440 or JS550 show the charging coil on top. This one is on the bottom. The ones pictured with the charging coil on top, the wiring exits the left side of the Jetski as compared to this one which exits the right side. I have ordered all three coils. They are OEM Kawi units. I will need to solder the new ones in place. Does anyone have a wiring schematic that shows how they are wired together. I have no faith in the electrical abilities of the P.O. Wires in the E-box and the wires exiting the stator housing were simply stripped and taped up. Even the positive batt cable was cut, stripped and taped! Here is a pic of the stator assembly. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

    JS 400 Stator.jpg
    95 Wave Raider 1100
    GP 1200 five deg nozzle
    R&D Intake grate (Looks like stock with 2 bars cut out)
    R&D Ride Plate (Short one) Flush with the back of the hull.
    Solas YD-SC-I (13-19) Impeller
    Jet Trim Splash Guard

    Carbs have 1.2 N&S, 80 Gram spring #1 & #2, 95 gram spring #3
    Mikuni BN44/164 valve body assemblies installed.
    Fuel pump covers return orifices drilled and 95 jet installed in last nipple out to tank.

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    Re: JS400 Stator

    If needed I have nice uncut cherry early staters

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    Re: JS400 Stator

    Keep at it... start at the stator like your doing. I bought a spare motor a long time ago, when I cracked the stator cover off after 5 years due to a charging issue. I ran into the same kind of mess or even worse, the case was filled with rust & sludge & water and oil .... wires taped half burned ect... I yanked it improvised resoldered good wires and made my own ... harness albeit in a jam I mcgivered it with trailer wire harness.
    It's best to have a spare motor just for these types of issues , starters, bendix, grommets, ect ... or worse a lean out burn down ... or blown head gasket ect.... the problem always has been for me that when they go.... you need parts and that takes time leaving the rider & ski out of the H2O.
    I went the spare inventory route even have a top half ready for assembly and a couple shelves of spare parts ...
    I have burned up 3 charging coils in my 650SX turd. After the 1st swap years ago I ran an extra ground from the stator and then from the ebox. Unfortunately when it happened again I went to the rebuild specialists " wizards of OZ " down south. Nice job but pricy... but fair enough. this last time.... I had forgotten what went wrong in " 15 " and just swapped a component from the new rebuilt unit I had shelved. 2 weeks ago I had asked the specialists to send me the installation instructions again due to having my laptop drive replaced and losing some emails.... and they simply didn't reply ?? REALLY ????

    Now they are NEVER seeing any return work, that is just BS $300 for a rebuilt ebox ect... and they won't send me the original install directions .

    That's why I said " keep at .... if you need some help PM me. I know more about stators, rectifiers, diodes (forward acting & reverse acting) along with having to teach myself wiring schematics, and the cosmic "kawasaki service manual " with the 3 step semi confusing rectifier check that is actually 6 steps !!! Then reaches my favorite procedure in step 3.... wiring 2 12V batteries in series and touching " The Monitoring " wire for a few seconds with 24V via a 3-6watt bulb ???? WTF Only to end up with my favorite Kawasaki corrective action of ALL TIME !!!!!
    "If the charging system still does not work properly after checking all of the components and the battery, test the reg/rect by replacing it with a known good unit "

    I buy my components from WSM, and do your budd a favor ... document all that you have compiled along with the correct sequence of checks... I have never seen anyone post that they arrived in ZION when ohm checking rectifiers. those R specs must be a fairy tale from the far side... I had an analog meter and all . Mine never met the parameters and the best way is a diode check. the truth is .... you can check the rectifier portion but not the regulator . It either works or it don't and can only be verified by checking for a voltage increase when reving across the battery poles. I don't know why they had to make the checking so difficult in the service manual. Additionally NO WHERE did I ever find a reference to which wire in the stator harness was the monitoring wire ..... Must be a well kept secret because I posted here a few days ago asking and there have been no replies . Seems no one else knows either ???

    Sorry for the rambling on.... if you need help PM me and I will go out of my way to clarify or share. I have multiple spare components and this time I'm rebuilding a complete ignition system as a spare while the lesson from the School Of Hard Knocks is still fresh. Not to mention correctly documenting my newly learned procedure along with assembling the service manual and supplements in a hard copy with side notes and print outs from the www.allaboutcircuits.com test data.

    When I experience a business that I have utilized previously and I perceive them not being helpful down the road ... THEY ARE DONE in this camp.

    Here are some businesses I use that took the time to provide tech support , 2 of which I have never bought a product from and they still have helped me.

    Not in any particular order:

    Ricksmotorelectrics.com ( they have it going on there with powersport & motorsport electronics )
    WatCon ( John Zeigler )
    Dales Jet Sport ( Sache TX )
    Blowsion ( John Dady R.I.P. ) we became friends when in 1 of our phone conversations we realized, we both were the oldest guys in our group !
    Wamiltons Customs ( Wammer ) spent an hour on the phone with him on a Saturday afternoon super guy !
    SBT ( was pretty good also )

    If you need to bounce anything this way... just reach out and PM me ! If I don't know it ... I will get you an answer.


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