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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Aug 2017
    ontario canada

    1996 Waveraider 2 cyl- low oil flashing power loss

    A couple weeks ago I was out on the lake and having a great time. The low oil light began to flash and within a couple minutes while getting back to the dock the ski started to bog down and have limited power.

    I didn't have more oil with me, to top up so I got parked it. My question would the system controls be smart enough to limit power to the engine because of the low oil? I haven't had a chance to test compression the ski, it would start right back up but wont get up to plane since the oil light coming one.

    Just wondering if this could be the engine limiting power or could I have damaged the engine any help or thoughts would be appreciated.



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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Mar 2017
    State of Jefferson

    Re: 1996 Waveraider 2 cyl- low oil flashing power loss

    Hey Ryan,
    You have a two stroke, which does not have crankcase oil. So, if you have the low oil light, depending on where the sensor is, you could be "ok" for a bit, or dangerously low. If you run out of 2-stroke oil, your engine is not lubricated, so you were probably running raw gas and the pistons/rods/cylinders weren't getting lubed, so you probably scored some stuff at best, or will need a rebuild at worse. If the injection system fails, it will default to wide open oil injection to save the motor, but if you are out of oil, you are out of luck. Do a compression test and see what it's like, and probably plan on pull the top end, check rod bearings, etc.

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Apr 2016

    Re: 1996 Waveraider 2 cyl- low oil flashing power loss

    I would bet that the low oil light will cause the engine to go in limp mode. I had a temp sensor go bad on me which showed it was overheating when it was in fact not; this made the ski go in limp mode.

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