Superjet 701 factory pipe mounting problem

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    Superjet 701 factory pipe mounting problem

    bought a square nose with a 2006 62T 701 motor with what looks like a factory dry pipe type 4, pipe is held on by 1 crappy bolt in the head as the other hole in the head has a bolt broken off in it.

    i tried everything to get the bolt out and ended up grinding the aluminum down around the broken bolt exposing it to get a coupling on. I threaded 2 pieces of grade 10 ready rod (M10 1.25) into the coupling on the newly exposed stub of a bolt and the other head hole and used some nuts and washers and blue exhaust coupling material for bushings and sandwiched the top exhaust mount

    now the ski didn't come with the proper factory pipe hardware and i neglected the third mounting bracket on the front side of the pipe that mounts to the end of the crank case

    i watched the youtube videos and shimmed the motor and i looks perfect for alignment

    5 minutes riding and both bolts have snapped clean off in the head !

    what should i do ?

    I'm going to buy a new stock head to solve the broken bolt problem properly but as far as exhaust mounting goes does that one other mount on the side make all the difference between fun and destruction ?

    factory pipe doesn't even list this pipe on their parts page for my to buy the proper brackets

    ill try and get pics any advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance
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