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    Prevent corrosion

    How do you guys prevent corrosion on the underside of your vehicle? Yesterday, I went on a trip with my friends and the tide was really high when I launched my trailer. When I backed up, the back of my truck was in the water up to the exhaust pipe. I worry that it would cause premature corrosion in the truck parts, especially if the has gotten into the differential. Any suggestions on what I can do to prevent any kind of corrosion from the salt water?

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    Re: Prevent corrosion

    At least hose the crap outta it with fresh water , I would pull the rear wheels and spray away too , if you think its in the differential which i doubt only because I've had my truck in salt water that deep many times before and never checked it and 17 years later its still fine with 278 plus K now on it.
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    Re: Prevent corrosion

    I use Salt Away, Salt Terminator or similar to flush, rinse and wash my motors, wet suit, shoes, life vest, underside of my truck, trailer, fishing poles, reels etc.

    Been using these products for more than 20 yrs. with excellent results and I ride 95% ocean. Get the mixer cup with the product to use when flushing out your ski motor. It has a dial on top to select either off, on(straight hose water) and rinse(water from the hose mixes with the product.

    I highly recommend using it!
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    Re: Prevent corrosion

    I'm a huge fan of salt away for routine rinse on ski's and back of truck. It wasn't an issue on my dodge which never really got wet due to height, but for a few years I towed with a sedan and a single trailer with a short stem and IMO using saltaway as part of my post ride routine was a big help in avoiding any long term issues with salt touching the underside of the vehicle.

    I assume northern states have double the issues that I dealt with due to road salt, so maybe its a preventative there too? not sure.

    IMO for $40ish for a quart of saltaway and the mixer its the best investment in defense of salt damage.

    Also used a lot of crc-656 and fluid film on my ski's, pumps, trailers as a corrosion preventative measure, never used it on the vehicle except on the hitch.
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