Please Help ~ Yamaha 1100 Triple

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    Please Help ~ Yamaha 1100 Triple

    Hey there, i have a 1996 Yamaha Wave Venture 1100 that i bought with a trailer for $200. This ski has 145hours and a broken piston rod. So i got a used motor from cragslist for $700 with 150psi compression in all the cylinders. I put everything together and took it to the river to test it. I noticed that it would bog out at WOT and managed to get it up to 45mph that day. Just to start it i had to WOT and crank for ever. It seemed like the cylinders were getting flooded and the thing just seemed to smoke way to much. So i took off the carbs and the intake manifold and found one of the plastic reeds to be broken. I replaced it with the ones in my old motor and also rebuild the carbs with new seats and needle but the needles seemed to hold pressure. Readjusted everything and i honestly dont think its running any better now. I used the old electronics & coil with the new motors flywheel. I made a video to post here and perhaps get some feedback. I have a new fuel pump coming on the way. I just dont seem to understand whats going on. Here is the link to the Video

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    Re: Please Help ~ Yamaha 1100 Triple

    So when you say it smoked way too much, are you meaning on the hose?(like your video) or at the lake riding it?

    And if at the lake, was it smoking too much at idle? 1/2 throttle? full throttle?
    and when you were at WOT and it would BOG out was there too much smoking coming out during that?

    Just a hypothesis from the info you have given,
    -starting/idling seems like too lean from what you said above. You could try opening the low speed screws on the carbs some to help with that(They might be gunked up, I know mine were) the first time I clean the carbs on a 95 seadoo I didn't realize I was also supposed to take the low speed screws completely out. New fuel might help some with that too. Might not.

    For the upper end, if it is smoking to much when it bogs out at WOT I would think to try and adjust the high speed screw closed more, if it is not already. (high speed screw can only be adjusted 1/4 turn)

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