I recently come into possession of a 2009 RXT X 255 with about 55 hours on it and the first day out it threw the check engine warning and codes 0326, 1690 and 1692. I understand the 0326 code is the knock sensor and the 1690/92 codes are the VTS (water, motor, ???, etc). My understanding is that the knock sensor is activated by a certain sound level within the engine compartment and can be activated by the sound bad gas or spark plugs make. Is there more to the knock sensor than that? More importantly, are there any problems that the knock sensor would report on that are serious enough that I should not use the ski? I repaired the VTS on my XPs so I think im safe to use the machine with the VTS codes but i'd like to know if i'm wrong. Im trying to get a Sea Doo tech to check out the codes but there's a several day wait and then drop off and I prefer not to miss the holiday week.

Thank in advance for looking and (hopefully) responding with some positive, useful input.