Wave raider Riva red exhaust issues

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    Wave raider Riva red exhaust issues

    I just picked up a raider and rebuilt the motor and put new lines on the exhaust. They seem to be all routed correctly but the only issue is that the hose from the stinger to the waterbox, the waterbox and the hose leaving the waterbox get extremely hot when riding. There is a barb fitting before the hose to the waterbox on the stinger and I tried blowing air through it and even poking a hanger through it but nothing comes out. Iím assuming this is blocked up and is why the rest is getting so hot. Anyone have ideas or advice???

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    Re: Wave raider Riva red exhaust issues

    Try to pull the hoses off and clean them and the waterbox out - sometimes mud daubers can get in there and create a real mess.

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    Re: Wave raider Riva red exhaust issues

    Not sure if this helps you but this is the installation instructions from riva. I just bought the same pipe and will be installing it on a waveraider 701 motor in a wave blaster. Could you post some pictures of your setup?! Seems like a clog somewhere, when you run it on land with the cooling hose to the garden hose do you get water coming out of your exhaust? Also are you running the dual cooling set up? Not sure how to rout the dual cooling set up yet.

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