1997 seadoo jet boat

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    1997 seadoo jet boat

    1997 seadoo jet boat was starting good then one day it wont did all the tests for the post key fuses grouns push start button 1long 1 short put key on no beep hit start i beep also have no omhs in key it says under 10 omhs have 0 key magnet good clean then i cut key apart got to resistor no contin between it any help should there be is that where you get under 10 omhs from post good guages all light up for 33 sec witth key on hit start 1 beep thanks 1 motor 720

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    PWCToday Newbie
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    Re: 1997 seadoo jet boat

    wow, I am new/but old...work on some jet boats..(no one wants to work on them...you have to be young and a spider..which I am not...), but systems are mostly the same, to me...sounds..like DESS post....you should get BEEP BEEP...

    could be the key (unlikely...but not out of the question...)...this is where dealers have a huge advantage...they just ..switch in the new part..and see if it works...we..have to buy one...or best move..find a buddy with similar part..and do the swap)..you can go to the manual to test (the resistances...).. for the key...but...any dess post..from any early model seadoo will work..

    if you can find one....just unplug your Dess...and jump wire..the working dess..post...leave yours where it is..and attach..your key..and see if it works...and if it does...well..bingo...its the DESS Post..\there are posts..where you take resistor measures..but this back fired on me...so..we like to have a new one hanging around...the plugs may not match...so..just use..jumper wires..

    new keys...have to be reprogrammed......

    at least you don't have to take the boat to a brp dealer..to reprogram your key..at 100 bucks..plus..

    just my thoughts...applying.non seadoo jet boat motors to regular seadoo jet ski motors...

    Eracer1 (popsII)

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