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    Re: 02 xp 951 boging and shuta off at full throttle at first

    Quote Originally Posted by k_24` View Post
    02 xp does not have grey lines
    Funny, I have one here that did.
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    Re: 02 xp 951 boging and shuta off at full throttle at first

    If you are feathering the throttle to get up to speed, ski is running lean. Make sure the fuel selector valve is clean and not leaking. Requires removal pressure check while submerged in water. Dry fuel residue will clog these up if ski sits for a lot of time between use. Check your water strainer, confirm it is full. The oring sometimes swells and wont completely seal. This causes a small air leak. You may also try opening up the low seed needles 1/4 out. A loose fuel line somewhere can also cause the problem you are describing. So can other things.

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    Re: 02 xp 951 boging and shuta off at full throttle at first

    Thanks guys for the reply
    I took it to a mechanic that i know to take a look maybe it was a quick fix .he put in new spark plugs and had no issues starting and riding for an hour

    Then when i took it to a lake few days later the problem was back

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