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    PWCToday Newbie
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    The Yoop

    Re: 1999 Tigershark TSL 770 wonít start

    I tapped the bendix a coupla times with a plastic mallet, then soaked it pretty good with PB Blaster (and let it sit overnight). Repeated again this morning...put the cover back on and she fired right up.

    Thanks for all the help everyone!

    One more question...the gasket on the cover got stretched pretty good...is there a place to order a new one or should i just use something like GasketMaker to seal it up?

    Thanks again.

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    Re: 1999 Tigershark TSL 770 wonít start

    you can get a gasket from sbt. don't use gasket sealer it will just make it tough to pull and cleanup..

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    Oct 2013

    Re: 1999 Tigershark TSL 770 wonít start

    Not sure what kind of places you have around your area, I am thinking that Halifax should have some pretty heavy duty marine repair facilities. You may be abe to find material to make your own more quickly that ordering it from anyone in the states.

    I am fortunate to have an industrial hydraulic supply outlet on my area. In addition to hydraulics, they have all kinds of o'rings. They also have spools of all sizes of o'ring material so you can make a o'ring any size you need. If you can get o'ring material or large o'rings of the correct cross section, you can make your own using a razor blade and super glue.

    Here is a video, you can disregard the math part, use a string to measure the length needed to fit around the cover in the groove.

    2, 1998 TS 770 L, restored and running great. (Except for the one with engine that SBT put the WRONG crankshaft bearing into and is now sitting as I collect repair parts)

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    Re: 1999 Tigershark TSL 770 wonít start

    Since there was some rust in there, see if there is a small accordion shaped bladder on a nipple under there. If it is still there, it is likely torn, and you could get water in the front case if some reason it got deep enough in the hull from a major leak. You don't need the bladder per se, but you can connect a piece of hose and run the other end up high somewhere.

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