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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home jetskijockey's Avatar
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    Kawasaki 650sx stator timing mark

    Can anyone measure how many MM the timing mark on stator is from the edges of the hole? Or is it right in the middle? Bought an aftermarket stator and it does not have the mark. So anything would be helpful.

    and yes I KNOW IT IS NOT A OEM STATOR. So please refrain about it being POS aftermarket and going with OEM. I'll give this one a try at least.


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    I dream skis sportsfreak29's Avatar
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    Re: Kawasaki 650sx stator timing mark

    You may have to guess on it the first time. I would start with the stator plate in the middle of the bolt slots, then turn it 1- 2 mm clockwise to limit the advance slightly to be safe and then check it with a timing light at 6000 rpms.

    You'll probably have to do this a couple times to get it dialed in.

    I'm sure someone else will chime in on specific timing instructions soon.

    If not, send Chris Newmiller a message on here and I'm sure he will provide you more detailed instructions.
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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home mcn6's Avatar
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    Re: Kawasaki 650sx stator timing mark

    Stator plate tooling marks are individual to that stator plate assembly and they vary a little. The one I just measured is a little off center to the right and measure 13 mm from the right edge of the slot. I am sure the Kawasaki assembly plant has a better/quicker way of doing it, but the only way I know of to get it exact would be to do what sportsfreak said and follow the timing procedure in the service manual.

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