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    Re: 2000 SUV Carb rebuild

    Quote Originally Posted by JC-SuperJet View Post
    The Pump side must have been in place because the fuel inlet nipple, where you're pumping air, is on the pump cover; so you must be referring to the Regulator cover being off; this is the side where the jets and needle valve are located.

    There is an important reason why the Needle Valve is wetted for a proper pop-off test: the liquid gives a better seal, thus the needle valve pops sooner than when dry.

    When the Regulator Cover is back on, you are no longer doing a wet test, it is dry. Without liquid to help seal the valve, air probably leaks past the valve requiring more air pressure pop. Also a dry needle would have more friction to overcome before it pops.

    At the end of the day, what really matters is that only genuine authentic made-in-japan ichiban Mikuni components should be used in Mikuni Carburetors. Also since the three different degrees of "shine" of silver(Platinum, Dull and Shiny) are hard to discern, one must always do a pop test to confirm the correct pop-off is set.
    I tested both with the pump off and putting the tip of the tester in where the filter goes and that's where I got the 50 PSI pop-off. I also did a test with the pump on and I got 60 PSI pop-off. Regulator diaphragm was off the whole time.
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