1994 Yamaha Wave Raider fuel sensing or sending unit

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    1994 Yamaha Wave Raider fuel sensing or sending unit

    Fuel sensor.jpg
    The gauge reads full all the time. I pulled the sensor from the tank and the floats were stuck to the anode rod and covered in semihard black tarry substance. I pulled everything apart and cleaned up the floats then polished the anode rod back to its shiny copper color (there is some scoring however). Thinking it was good to go I reassembled everything making sure that the floats actually floated and secured it back into the tank.
    Well the gauge went to full for a second and then fell back to indicate empty (the tank is indeed full).
    Is there a way to see if the sensor unit is bad before buying a used one?

    I attached a picture of the sensor and this is the part number:


    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: 1994 Yamaha Wave Raider fuel sensing or sending unit

    This is what I found for seadoo but Yamaha should something similar.

    You can use a multimeter to test it , different "fuel levels" will give different ohms of resistance on the sensor.
    you'll need to look up what those readings are supposed to be for your fuel sensor. But it should be out there. Then just test it with the multimeter.

    on the article for seadoos, the readings are

    0-5 Ohms (Full Tank)
    45+/- Ohms (Half Full Tank)
    85-95 Ohms (Empty Tank)

    Hope that is helpful!

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