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    PWCToday Regular Zak_149's Avatar
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    Mar 2017
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    Angry Boater Stories

    Decided to make a thread dedicated to times when boaters have yelled at you, maybe obscene gestures, etc. I want to hear everyones stories. Ill start with mine lol
    So over memorial weekend a buddy of mine and I were riding the north end of lake havasu. Now for you east coasters out there lake havasu is A ZOO on holiday weekends. Everytime I go out there, I ride inside this particular cove. Mind you this is not a no wake cove and it is rather wide and deep (distance wise) people like to go in and put on music in the boat and drink, kids jump off rocks, fish, just an all around good time. There were a lot of people in this cove when my buddy and I went in it, we decided to stay towards the mouth of it to be respectful of the people around us. The closest boat was roughy ~45 yards away. they had two small children in the water, (I saw them almost immediately upon entering) so my buddy and I begin riding hard. Trying to carve hard and spray each other, subs, power slides, just "vintage fun" my buddy flips his ski upside down and it began taking on water pretty bad so i pull him to shore so we can take off his hood and assess the damage. We get to the shore and this guy comes over (from the closest boat) in his boat and starts screaming some choice words and saying "how'd you like it if i did donuts around you while you were working. I have kids in the water and you guys are being disrespectful, get your POS jetskis out of here." then pulls away. I was left in shock but fired my ski up and kept riding lol.

    Lets hear em boys and girls.
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    Re: Angry Boater Stories

    Fish -n- ski boat with about a mile of towrope pulling some kids on a tube. Cuts me off coming out of a cove. I have to come to a complete stop and wait for the damn rope to go by with the tube. Dude is giving me the eat **** look. So I get up on the ski and do the ole two hand california howdy in my best semi amature wrestler dude pose.
    XI Sport

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    PWCToday Guru 1983's Avatar
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    Re: Angry Boater Stories

    This will be a good thread

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    PWCToday.com Is My Home Away From Home hyosung's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

    Re: Angry Boater Stories

    i was loading my boat on the trailer at a jetty, this little snot nosed kid on daddy's seapoo starts doing donuts trying to hose me, as you could imagine i was real impressed.""NOT""(its reeeaaalll hard to do donuts on a seapoo LMFAO)
    i told him to fvck off and go show off in front of someone the may be impressed, he persisted to come withing 3 feet of my boat ,so
    i took the rego and a vid and sent it off to marine safety,no doubt the fine would have been in the 3-4 hundred mark , thattle learn him to be a little more respectful in the future............
    Last edited by hyosung; 06-12-2018 at 01:34 PM.
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    Originally Posted by hyosung
    so when you say i """ hammer and slap things together """ this may be so , BUT they are hammered and slapped together SOLID

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