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Thread: my questions

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    my questions

    Hello everyone! I am new to this site and have read many of the posts and learned more than I could ever imagine. Just like everyone else I have many questions.
    1. I am replacing my mat and have almost all of the padding scraped off. Should I sand it with 80 grit and make it almost perfect before I glue on the new mat? Should I paint it before I glue? The gel coat has come off about 25% in the tray and sides. I purchased the Hydro-Turf kit but not the glue yet. Is there anything you recommend I buy. I was thinking about buying some contact cement from a hardware store.
    2. I am upgrading my stock exhaust to a Westcoast full pipe with a 440 stock manifold. What type of gaskets do you recommend using? Is stock fine or are the better aftermarket ones?
    3. I checked my compression today and both cylinders are about 132 P.S. I. I am assuming this motor has not had the head milled. What is a good price to have someone mill my stock head? Also is 132 a good number. I realize that the numbers do fluctuate based on many different factors. Is the ski supposed to start up sometimes when doing the test? I left the other plug in and the ski started for a second. It did this on both cylinders. I did not use the numbers when it was running though. I only used the numbers provided from the starter cranking the motor.

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    Re: my questions

    Personally when getting a ski I️ try to stay away from low 30s because I️ believe if I’m right the Kawasaki hand book said to rebuild them at like 125 PSI I️ hope that answers one of your questions

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    Re: my questions

    do not paint before gluing the new mat.80 grit is fine and some lost gelcoat is not a big deal. as long as it's not too deep.
    use the red weldwood contact cement and follow instructions on can.
    oem gaskets are the best for the most part.
    132 psi is perfectly acceptable for 440/ big deal if it started,it actually means it's in good shape.
    when doing compression test,hold throttle wide open,leave the other plug in,remove plug lead(ground the leads) and crank it just a few revolutions.
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