Hey guys need some advice. Ski had a riva cdi that was melted (ski was given to me like this)
So i installed a new cdi and went to hit the start button and i have nothing. Switched out the start switch with a known working one and still have nothing. Replaced the starter solenoid with a brand new oem yamaha solenoid and still get nothing from the start switch. I can jump the solenoid and get the engine to turn over. Does anyone know if the meter assy is tied into the start switch? I traced the wires and it looks like the meter assy goes into the harness with the start switch. Im thinking i have a bad meter assy and thats why im getting no power at the switch. Took the known switch back off and put it on my other ski and it starts that one up fine with no issues.

any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated!