i have a yamaha xlt1200 that could use a new wear ring. yamaha has stainless steel and you have to buy complete new housing. there are aftermarket sellers that sell new housings with replaceable wear ring. i picked up an old housing for my 1200. i was easily able to remove stainless wear ring. i ordered one of the replaceable aftermarket rings for around $20. i have a machinist who is willing to bore the o.e. housing but said he has never dealt with press fit plastic and not sure what size to bore. i am wondering if there are any machinist minded members on here who are currently replacing a wear ring that could measure the outside diameter of the new ring versus the inside diameter of the housing. if we could get the difference between the two we could bore the o.e. housing the same difference. i cant see where it would matter if its a yamaha with aftermarket or a seadoo oe housing. the press fit is what we are concerned with. thanks for any info