Howdy everyone! I recently moved back to Houston and I'm currently in the market for a pair of PWCs I can use in the bay. Ideally I'd like to own a 2007 R-12X, but there just aren't any for sale locally. I've been looking at a pair for sale that I can use to enjoy this summer and potentially find what I want later. It's a 2007 Honda F-12X and a 2012 Yamaha FZR. Apparently they're both sub 200 hours, but this could not be confirmed as they were in a storage unit and the batteries had drained.

My experience with PWCs is not extensive. I've never owned one, but I've ridden them on occasion for the past 13 years. Most of my experience is on a large 3-seater Yamaha that wasn't able to do much outside of go in a straight line and pull a tube. I'd like to change that.

If anyone has any suggestions for saltwater riding in the gulf or Galveston/Trinity Bay area, I'd love to hear them.