First Jet Ski, want to get a swim step

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    May 2018

    First Jet Ski, want to get a swim step

    So to make a long story short, I always wanted a Jet Ski, I got weight loss surgery a couple months ago, so I decided I would reward myself for finally getting it done. I found a 1995 SL750 Polaris for $200. I want to put a step on it so if i fall off it will be as easy as possible to get back on. I am brand new to Jet Skis so I had a couple questions

    1. what is the best swim step to get?

    2. I see a lot of used steps from different models on Ebay for a fraction the price of the $165 Aqua Performance step that seems to be the most common one on there. are these stock steps from other skis garbage or are they ok?

    3. What is the best way to mount one of those steps? If I am drilling into the hull i want to do it right the first time

    I was a diesel mechanic for almost 10years so I am mechanically inclined, but a semi truck and a jet ski are very different so im trying to cover all my bases

    Thanks for any input - Zach

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    Re: First Jet Ski, want to get a swim step

    I am in your exact same situation, worked all my life and not enough play time between my 20's and 60's. It takes it toll. I made a rope ladder that hooks on the tow hook on the back. It stores in the rear compartment under the seat. It hangs over the back over the back of the ski when in use. Try it our close to shore before you venture out alone. Does not cost much and no holes to drill.
    2, 1998 TS 770 L, restored and running great. (Except for the one with engine that SBT put the WRONG crankshaft bearing into and is now sitting as I collect repair parts)

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