My 1997 Tigershark monte carlo 1000, fuel mix?

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    My 1997 Tigershark monte carlo 1000, fuel mix?

    I just bought this tigershark 1000 for a project, it was lying for two years in someone garage without a battery in it, now it mine I have the battery coming today and hope with the new battery it will turn over. what should I do ,fingers crossed if it does turn over,i don't have a service manual and it still has a lot of the 2 year old 2 stroke petrol mix in it. Also what is the correct petrol to 2 stroke mix.Many thanks Mac.

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    Re: My 1997 Tigershark monte carlo 1000, fuel mix?

    First off, I would recommend removing the spark plugs and inspecting them. They should be black but not wet. If they are tan, white, grey, ect there are other issues to deal with. With the plugs out you should be able to grab the engine coupler and rotate the engine by hand. If it doesn't move you have issues.

    Next put a few drops of oil in the spark plug holes and alow a few seconds for the oil to reach the cylinder walls. As the ski has sat for some time it's likely that the cylinders are dry. This is to lube the rings so you don't ruin them Turing it over dry.

    Lastly, these skis are oil injected as in you put straight pump gas into the tank and oil into a separate tank. If you think some one has messed with the oil injection I would verify that there is even still an oil pump on the engine. It should be below the two rear intake manifolds on the crankcase.

    The ski runs on premium gasoline and any tcw3 marine certified outboard/2 stroke oil. MAKE SURE IT IS TCW3 CERTIFIED. it will have the logo in multiple spots on the bottle.

    If you are worried like I am and just wish to mix your gas and delete the oil injection, I usually run between 40:1 and 45:1 depending on how I'm riding. If I'm going to be beating the hell out of my ski and running mostly open throttle I mix more oil. If I'm just going for a nice cruise I use less. This really isn't important though, just personal preference.
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