I got a 98 gp800w recently. The previous owner had the waverunner parked in house unused for a year he says. He had the engine rebuilt the year before. I put a new battery in it, would turn over but not start. So i emptied out the tank, took of the exhauts, and removed the carbs. Ordered the carb kits and rebuild the carbs. I put the carbs back on tried starting it and it started on very high rpms so i shut it off. I tried starting it again and the same thing. Did a compression test and it has 115 in the front and 121 in the back. Tried starting it again and it would crank over but not start. The only thing i noticed was a vent hose that goes to the tank with a one way valve. That hose is not connected anywhere and couldnt find where it goes.

Any help on getting her to run would be greatly appreciated. Don't know what to do now ?

Thank you,