Hoping someone can give me a hand, I have a 2003 GTX 4-tec, 100 hrs. Rode approx. 20 min. and made a few 50 mph passes up and down lake, stopped for about 10 min. and when I went to restart it made a loud bang/grind noise but started and rode just a short distance back to the launch point. I ended up removing the stator cover and found teeth broken from the Bendix and the flywheel nicked up. I replaced the Bendix and installed a good used flywheel. Disassembled the starter but looked ok. When I went to start it, it sounds like it wants to repeat the prior issue. I remove the spark plugs and it seems to crank over ok. Compression check shows #1, 125 #2,125 #3,130. I have been a auto tech for over 40 yrs. and it sounds like a car that has the timing advanced to far. So I removed the stator cover a 2nd time reinspected the supporting ends of the Bendix, the crank/balance shaft alignment marks, removed the intake and valve cover just to inspect intake valves, camshaft and cam timing. With the crank and cam locked the 1503 marks on the cam gear that the manual refers too are just a smidge skewed. The motor is pristine inside, no metal shavings, the timing chain is tight. I pulled the motor out to get a better look at things and have it on a motor stand. When I went to rotate the engine around, approx. 2 qt. of oil ran out the stator end of the engine and this was after just evacuating the crankcase. I know there would be some in there cause I didn't try to crank the engine over as instructed for oil changing procedure but that seems like more than I expected. where does that all sit? I know positive it wasn't overfull on oil. I also found a hairline crack in the oil separator tube, excessive crankcase pressure? I have since tested the TOPS and OSPS sensors, both ohm correct and the TOPS solenoid functions. Don't really want to ruin a $300 Bendix and I'm out of answers. help thumbnail_20170803_194328.jpgthumbnail_20180509_202110.jpgthumbnail_20180509_202205.jpgthumbnail_20180510_203334.jpg