1989 yamaha WR500 not running in water...

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    1989 yamaha WR500 not running in water...

    So i recently bought a ski and it runs perfect out of water. Starts easy and has great throttle response no problems atall. Runs good off the hose aswell, revs normal and idles just fine. However once i put it in water unless the nose is slightly lifted out of the water (EX a heavier person is riding on it causing the back to sink in) it will only idle, as soon as its given throttle it just wants to die or bog. Sometimes it picks up for a few secounds but usally bogs. Im completley confised as to what this could be. I cleaned out the carb and it looked beautiful inside with no contamination or anything so how do i fix this..?
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    Re: 1989 yamaha WR500 not running in water...

    Check compression, also could be exhaust or pump issue causing it. The ski has ALOT of water pressure in the water compared to on a hose it takes a lot more power and torque even to start it. Some people say they have problems starting in the water when it's cold. If the compression is low it may not have enough power once under that load in the water, just a thought. Now if your exhaust has a crack it will run good out of the water but not in the water that was the problem with my 4 stroke same situation it ran great on the hose but would not run in the water what happens is the exhaust will get a crack and water will spray into your engine killing any power you have but on a hose usually doesn't have enough pressure to cause the same problem.

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