Need help with 2001 Yamaha Gp800R

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    Need help with 2001 Yamaha Gp800R

    I have a Gp800R that I received for free from a neighbor and its in great condition but it has a problem when I turn it on and let it idle and it shakes a lot out of the water it almost sounds like the entire engine is loose but I checked it and it's not. We did check the compression and the back cylinder is about 120-124 and the front on the first check was about 90. we added oil in the oil tank and added 8oz of marine 2stroke oil in the gas tank with a full tank of gas. we did another compression check after about 30 minutes of riding the back was 120-125 and the front jumped up to about 110 and we added some oil into the cylinder when we took off the spark plug and it jumped straight to 118. When I ride it, its shaky on idle but when I give it a tiny bit of gas it stops shaking and runs smooth. I clocked it full speed at 56mph (Gps). Any help would be amazing.

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    Re: Need help with 2001 Yamaha Gp800R

    Time for a rebuild.

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    Re: Need help with 2001 Yamaha Gp800R

    Grab the engine and try to rock it around. Might have a bad motor mount.
    Also, replace the oil injection lines and get updated power valve retainers. <<<<
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