2015 Seadoo RXT Backfilling through Bailer hoses

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    2015 Seadoo RXT Backfilling through Bailer hoses

    Just had a new pump put on my 2015 RXT 260 via warranty due to a pump vein exploding and destroying the pump... (and of last season, was winterized post repair) I stuck it in the water 2 days ago and used it... I got wet both front and back when I used the iBr.. that's never happened.. I put the ski on the lift and it was 50% full of water. I drained it out and found that I'm back filling through the bailer hoses.. (they are zip tied up high) I would drag it back to the dealer but they are 2 hours away... they had me look to see if there was 2 plastic straws, sticking out of the pump nozzle, there are none... they are telling me that, that will cause the water to come in and they are mailing me 2 straws...

    I'm told they just push in...

    1. can those 2 small plastic straws actually make that difference?
    2. do I just push them in? How can they stay under that kind of pressure, just being stuck in a hole... they don't screw in I'm told?
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    Re: 2015 Seadoo RXT Backfilling through Bailer hoses

    Yes, that will cause them to pump water into the hull.
    Yes, they just shove in.
    I usually put a bit of silicone around the top outside of the "straw" Use a long ratchet extension ant tap them into place. They'll stay.

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    Re: 2015 Seadoo RXT Backfilling through Bailer hoses

    ^ Ditto

    I had it happen to me on my gti rfi. They are a press fit and Like the previous post said use a dab of silicone on the wide end (goes in first) and tap gendly until you feel them bottom out. Without them there is no suction from the jet pump and it will backfill the entire hull eventually.

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