Anyone else sick of Winter?

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    Anyone else sick of Winter?

    I had both skis out ready to put in the water and this happened:

    Snapshot - 363.png

    This is on Lake Superior.

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    Re: Anyone else sick of Winter?

    Yup! Tired of it! And I'm not even getting that kind of crap. Just wind & rain.
    It was a weird winter too. Our lake froze solid in mid December. Had a month or so of hockey. Thawed out in late January. Had the jetski out twice. Then refroze in early February. Then thawed out again in late February.
    I think we're putting the docks in next Monday.

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    Re: Anyone else sick of Winter?

    Here the seasons are late, fall hung on forever, I was still on the water in November, I'm on Lake Superior, Michigan and Huron most of the time. Spring will not get here fast enough. I am told the Atlantic Gulf Stream has slowed by 10% which isn't bringing the warm water north like it should, blaming it on global warming, true or not, something is going on lol. Here are some memories of last year, where I wish I was, Florida.

    Snapshot - 343.pngSnapshot - 358.png

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    Re: Anyone else sick of Winter?

    Just finished the longest hottest summer I can ever remember. Before that we had almost a year of rain, which meant last summer was a write off, then this summer weather hit suddenly a month early, and ran late. Almost no November or December rains.
    2 weeks ago was out on lake with family. Last week we were all huddled round the fire to keep warm. This week we've had a couple of pretty decent lightning shows.

    Hope it warms up soon and you guys get as good a summer as we just had, you've earned it.

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    Re: Anyone else sick of Winter?

    Good to hear you had a great summer, I have always wanted to get to new Zealand, its on my bucket list for sure, beautiful there I hear. We are supposed to warm up to a balmy 8 degrees C this weekend, if I can bust the ice out of the marina, I'm going fishing.

    Snapshot - 358.png

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