I already posted this in the NY section. Just thought I would broaden my chances of more replies. I quit racing in 06. Left the water scene 12 yrs ago and now have a 97.5 Grey Ghost GSXL with 98 hrs on her. Picked her up for $2k in Nov 2017. Had to re-do the manifold gaskets,exhaust rave valve, as well as the rubber coupler on the driveline to stop minuit water leaks. Other than that she is solid.
Hi guys. I am finally up here. Taking a job in Oceanside NY. I want to bring up my Sea DOO GSXL but have no idea where to ride her. I'm from Tampa so down there it's anyplace you can unload is where you can ride!

As far as boat storage. I found a place for $800 dry dock and $300 to store my double trailer.
Before I jump into it, I need to know where to ride. If it's even worth it.
Any info would be much appreciated.