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    2001 seadoo GTX custom stereo build/ worried about stator and battery overload.

    I want to put a custom 300-600 watt stereo in one of my skis. Problem is the charging system is only 180watt 15amp and im assuming thats at full throttle. I know people have some rather large stereos in there skis. Just trying to see how everyone is getting around this. I thought about running a separate deep cell battery custom mounted in the front hall.

    Pros: separate system all together from the jet ski, probably could last between 7-15hrs depending on volume of stereo and battery size.

    Cons: weight probably 75lbs, cost of battery, possibly would want two batteries for a camping trip

    If anyone has done this or have any ideas please send any advice thank you. (im not interested in bluetooth speakers, im set on a custom stereo setup)

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    Re: 2001 seadoo GTX custom stereo build/ worried about stator and battery overload.

    I belive the common answer is "buy a boat"
    SeaDoo FAQs
    Kawi FAQs

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    Re: 2001 seadoo GTX custom stereo build/ worried about stator and battery overload.

    Only way is to get a voltmeter and keep tabs on the voltage. Note what it is running w/o the stereo on, what the voltage is with full battery charge with the radio turned up high, then once it starts dipping down below what the voltage normally is, turn the radio off. You could add another battery, that would help, but at some point the radio will have to come off. 15 amps at 14 volts will support like 150 watts continuous with a moderately efficient amp.

    Or get a boat.
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