X2 SBN44 Rebuild

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    X2 SBN44 Rebuild

    Possibly an obvious question but I need to confirm before moving forward with it. Have a sbn44 set up on my x2. It is tuned pretty well with a good idle, bottom hit, and top end ride. The diaphragm on the carb has recently started to leak gas into the hull from the weep hole after riding or while sitting. From my understanding, I can open it up and rebuild the diaphragms in the carb without having to touch anything tuning wise.

    I want to be able to rebuild the carb diaphragms without messing with how its tuned or adjusting any needles. Is this ok to do?
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    Re: X2 SBN44 Rebuild


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    Re: X2 SBN44 Rebuild

    Here is the Mikuni 44 manual if you don't have it.
    Don't be too worried about tuning your carb. It's pretty easy to do. The manual link I posted will tell you how in an in depth way. Unless you move those needles a bit you may never have it tuned as well as it could be. If it runs good then you wont be able to mess it up too bad by turning the screws. You have to change jets, n&s size or pop off pressure to make a big difference. If the diaphragm is bad you really should install an entire new carb kit. Chances are other parts inside the carb are near the end of their lifespan too.
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