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    Re: 550SX drive train to JS?

    Quote Originally Posted by theVetteman3 View Post
    Yea we are saying it's better to buy a second set of SX stuff. Keep your eyes open and you can get the parts reasonably priced.

    JS parts in a SX requires way more time and effort than it's worth. At the very least it requires a custom adaptor plate nobody currently makes. As BLRider indicated, the driveshaft might not even fit thru the tube. Better to just buy the right parts. In fact, if it was me, I'd keep the original parts to the 93 and buy the second set for the 88. Skis always run best with less vibration with all their original parts. As soon as you start swapping you really have to be particular about aligning things to make sure you don't have more vibration and end up with a bucket of bolts. Thankfully the SX driveline is way way easier than the JS in that regard, but still.
    Thanks for all that great info!
    Once more q, i know that the bearing carriers and impeller shaft are diffrent, but is the actual pump diffrent?

    Could i get a SX shaft and bearing carrier and just get an sx impaller?

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    Re: 550SX drive train to JS?

    The pump is different between the JS and the SX, you'll need to replace it.
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