Turbo 4stroke X4 Info!

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    Turbo 4stroke X4 Info!

    I don't have plans to keep moving forward with this in the near future but wanted to share this info for anyone wanting to do this. You will see what needs to be done to make it happen. Using spark engine and had plenty of room for turbo behind it. This is a 1995 X4 hull that came with the 720 engine so it has 4 mounts total - 2 on each side, unlike the 787 engine where it had 2 in rear, 1 up front. My goal was to see if I could make a bolt up kit requiring no hull cuts/fiberglass work. I unbolted the XP motor mounts because they are at an angle and then took some HX motor mount bases that are angled.... that gave me a flat surface that was also as low as possible and then I put aluminum flatbar over that for the mounting surface for the spark mounts. Once I set the spark motor in as low as it could get, the centerline was still off - motor too high. This is where I stopped and then jumped onto the turbo spark HX.

    The solution would be to fabricate some motor mount arms coming off the spark motor that places the engine in a lower position - still had plenty of clearance under the engine, just couldn't drop it down any further due to the stock spark arm mounts. That would be a straight bolt up kit - or you could just make some hull cuts and fiberglass the aluminum flatbar at a lower position. The nice thing about the conversion is that the XP driveshaft has the same splines as the spark PTO. Could run spark motor NA or have plenty of room behind for a small turbo. After looking at spark pump shoe/pump and the ibr width, I think the spark pump and IBR could be adapted to the X4 hull fairly easily. Many options depending on what the user wanted to do. Anyways, just posting the info with pics for anyone curious of the swap. I figured this could save someone some time and R&D.

    And before anyone says why would you want to put a 90hp heavy 4stroke in place of a 110hp stock 2stroke?? Because turbo, that's why. Could have 220+ hp with a turbo spark setup. Some people have also told me that they just really prefer the x4 hull but would like modern running gear and stay NA. Anyways, here's the pics

    20171224_133933 by Ricky Hinch, on Flickr

    20171224_133929 by Ricky Hinch, on Flickr

    20171224_132522 by Ricky Hinch, on Flickr

    20171224_132510 by Ricky Hinch, on Flickr

    20171224_133941 by Ricky Hinch, on Flickr

    20171224_133951 by Ricky Hinch, on Flickr

    20171224_134203 by Ricky Hinch, on Flickr
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