Newbie with Polaris questions

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    Newbie with Polaris questions

    Hello, I am new to the site and PWC., I was given a Polaris jer ski and trailer from a neighbor who"s son bought it new, used it very little and winterized it several years ago not to be used since then. The engine and inside the hull looks brand new while the outside need a good cleaning and some decals are cracked and peeling. From the VIN I am guessing its a 94 but do not know model. First off they are looking for the titles but have not found them yet, so I will wait to start working on it till I get them. Second what should I do before trying to start it? No fuel in it and no battery. I am sure from sitting it will need a new impeller. I am attaching photos but there not the best. I am sure I will have lots more questions as I go. Thanks for any help0227181609a1.jpg02271816091.jpg

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    Re: Newbie with Polaris questions

    If they are truly the current owner, they can apply for duplicates of the title & however they register PWCs in your state. Here in AZ, the boat ownership part is take care of by Dept. of Game and Fish. Going by the registration number, they should be able track down the info on the boat. Starting it, fresh gas and oil, hook up the battery and give it a try. Don't let it run for more than a few seconds, tho.

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    Re: Newbie with Polaris questions

    That's an SL750.....Sea Lion 750cc Fuji built triple cylinder. At minimum you need to replace all fuel lines, clean or rebuild carbs, and update to triple outlet fuel pump.

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    Re: Newbie with Polaris questions

    As stated go through the fuel system COMPLETELY. The Fuji's are known for fuel related issues ultimately ending in engine failure.

    I would also remove the thermostat, and gut it. Install just the frame so it is like it is open all the time. They were known for sticking. Buy gutting and installing it empty, you have proper water flow.

    Check the driveshaft seal carrier where the shaft comes through the hull. Most people don't grease these, and they fail causing you to sink.

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