I bought my first ski this past week. Its a 01 gp1200r with a new motor just sitting in the ski, not bolted in. It came with the service manual so i can prety much tell where all the hoses go but i do have two questions not covered in the manual and i couldnt find the awnsers here.
1) how do i prime the Rpot trim tabs? I pull the lever and they dont move.

2) what do the 3 vents go to by the back of the seat? Currently two are Teed to the rear head cooling port and one looks like it will go to the exhaust by the carbs.

The ski came with some aftermarket parts. Aluminum intake, F/A, R and D nozzle, riva stinger 3 exhaust and carbon sponsons.
Carbs need to be rebuilt and jetted correctly. Im also going to premix and replace some of the fuel lines. Some of the coolant lines are Riva brand and rock hard so changing those also.