I picked up a 300sx from a buddy of mine last night. This is going to be a side project for now as I have some minor things that need to happen on my SXi and JS before the weather gets nice. Hull is in good shape, other than the spray bomb job that looks like crud. Pole is missing bushings, has some homemade bar set up needs some TLC. Motor and everything look to be all original and not messed with. I plan on restoring the hull back to factory condition, new mats, paint, etc. The motor im still not sure about. I will probably do a rebuild on the 300 as I got it running this morning. Should be a easy one to do. But depending on what happens here, I kind of would like to do a 440/550 swap if I can find the plates. Lots of time to figure it out but either way its going to be fun. I plan on documenting it pretty closely, especially the 300 motor rebuild as I feel that is a big mystery to a lot of people with the goofy starter clutch configuration and all. I will post pics in the thread, but the whole album can be viewed here: https://www.amazon.com/photos/share/...tCtwy6AdVYkFrC


300 2.jpg